Yamaha releases SR-C20A and SR-B20A soundbars

Yamaha launched two new affordable soundbars: SR-C20A and SR-B20A. In appearance, the two products adopt a relatively simple integrated horizontal strip design. In addition, both products support HDMI and Bluetooth connections.


Among them, SR-C20A is priced at 180 US dollars (about 1248 yuan), the length is about 58.4 cm, built-in bass + dual passive speakers. In addition to the virtual surround sound mode, the soundbar also supports four other (standard, stereo, game, movie).

SR-B20A is priced at US$200 (approximately 1386 yuan), which is 88.9 cm long compared to the former. It has built-in dual woofers and supports DTS Virtual: X, making the experience more immersive.

IT Home is informed that both products are equipped with buttons on the top, and support the use of the existing TV remote control (DHMI CEC) and the matching smart phone App (Soundbar Controller) for management. The new products are expected to go on sale this fall.


Created on:2020-08-19 10:04